Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

" To help promote, create and manage food waste recycling projects."

Recycling food and other organic waste provides a viable alternative to the environmental damage from landfilling. 

Food Waste recycling, in conjunction with sustainable farming practices,  reduce the need for petrol-chemical fertilizers.  These have been proven to be toxic to humans, wildlife and the environment.  

Food waste recycling = Nutrient Recycling

Nature has its own tried and true methods of Sequestering Carbon.

At AgraCycle.org, we work in harmony with nature to create highly efficient, effective carbon sequestration projects that are environmentally sustainable.  Through our process of recycling organic waste, the carbon and methane emissions that would normally occur from landfill dumping are eliminated. 

Over farmed, mismanaged and chemical damaged lands have great potential for terrestrial sequestration. Restoring and maintaining healthy soils can offset a significant amount of carbon emissions of individuals or businesses.   

AgraCycle.org helps assist food waste recycling projects that provide immediate, quantifiable results in cutting dangerous emissions and also provide a significant secondary benefit by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and locking it into the soil.  

Won't you join with us today?  You can become a part of the team that is creating more of these truly sustainable carbon sequestration projects today.

There is still a vast amount of organic material that is being dumped every day at it is effecting our environment in a negative way. We see a tremendous opportunity that can be implemented by nearly every community nationwide.

AgraCycle.org did not invent some “new technology” or come up with a “revolutionary idea”, we are simply following the laws of nature. Since there is no way to take a natural process and make it patentable, there is little business incentive to pursue it because of a low profit potential.

We came to believe that there was a better way, so we formed AgraCycle back in 2009 to do something ourselves. This is not the time to stand by and wait to the government to make policy! It is the time to stop talking about making a difference and actually doing something!

As silly as that may seem to some folk, we believe that we can!   AgraCycle has the passion to pursue it. If that sounds like you, why not consider becoming a member?  

Join us in the fight against carbon emisssions. Together we are making a quantifiable difference in our environment. 

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